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A cut mango pickle is a variety of pickle prepared using mango. It is very popular in South and Southeast Asia. These sour/spicy pickles are also available commercially.

Essentially a mango pickle recipe is made with tangy unripe green mangoes, spices, salt and oil. This Mango Pickle or Aam Ka Achar is a recipe which is sour and makes for the tastiest accompaniment with any Indian meal because of the choicest of spices that are used to make it.

It is a celebration that could be global because mango pickle was one of the earliest Indian foods to become well-known outside India. Early travellers to India spread the reputation of mangoes as the finest of fruits, but since they couldn’t take the fresh fruits back home, they made do with dried or pickled mangoes.

Mango Pickle is a Indian pickle variety made with raw unripe green mangoes, pickling spices and oil. Aam chunda, Punjabi aam ka achar, Rajasthani aam ka achar, mavinakayi uppinakayi, Maagaya, Avakaya & Vadu mango pickle are some of the most known mango pickle varieties made in India.

Traditionally, chopped mangoes are pickled with spices and oil in large ceramic pots known as bharani or barni. The ingredients ferment as the mango pickle ages and develops tons of flavor and deliciousness.


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